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Residential Metal Building and Metal Shed Painting

Northwest Specialty Painting offers a specialty service not found with many painting contractors: Metal Building and Metal Shed painting. We do both interior and exterior, for residential, as in sheds, barns and outbuildings, and commercial, as in large warehouses and storage units, using state-of-the-art materials and techniques.

Our team of professionals is schooled in the latest specialty techniques for metal buildings and metal sheds, to ensure a durable, long-lasting job.

Your house is painted; your fence is stained, and you're sitting in your backyard, congratulating yourself on a wise decision to enhance your property value, as well as enjoying the good feeling of your beautiful home, when you notice the METAL SHED. The Metal Shed looks sad compared to your beautifully painted home, and you're contemplating replacing the old thing. It's not beat up, but it looks old and faded.

No need to replace your otherwise-good metal shed; simply have Northwest Specialty Painting refinish and repaint, without going to the expense of replacing. We can make the old look new again, and our team of professionals has the training and knowledge to match your home's color palette and give that metal building and metal shed a new look.

Commercial Metal Building and Metal Shed Painting

Northwest Specialty Painting, with its experience in commercial painting, as well as having the specialty equipment required to do a complete job, can tackle any commercial metal building or metal shed.

We specialize in both interior and exterior finishes. A new paint job can make a tired-looking metal building or metal shed appear fresh and new. Because our team takes the time to prepare the surfaces for the new paint, you will have a long-lasting and durable paint job on your metal building.

A fresh new look on your metal building or metal shed will not only enhance your business' presence but also create value.

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Serving the Idaho communities of Boise, Caldwell, Cambridge, Council, Fruitland, Homedale, Indian Valley, Letha, Middleton, Midvale, Nampa, New Plymouth, Notus, Parma, Payette, Roswell, Weiser, Wilder, Idaho, in the counties of Ada, Adams, Canyon, Gem, Payette, Valley, and Washington.

Serving the Oregon communities of Adrian, Brogan, Harper, Huntington, Jordan Valley, Juntura, Nyssa, Ontario, Vale, in Malheur County, Oregon.

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