Epoxy Flooring for Garage or Public Areas

The days of the dirty garage floor are all but over since the advent of epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring not only looks beautiful, but it provides protection to the existing floor, as well as the all-important non-slip surface. Clean up is much easier, and color options abound.

Northwest Special Painting offers epoxy flooring, for both residential and commercial applications, which not only protects but beautifies and enhances your overall project.  Your options are practically endless with our expertise in epoxy flooring.

There are different types and grades of epoxy flooring, as well as different styles and finishes, from smooth to the final coating including aggregate that gives an almost complete non-slip surface.

Garages have become more than a place to park the family car; they have evolved into everything from game rooms to multi-media rooms to workshops.  An epoxy floor not only protects and beautifies, but it also provides a non-slip surface, and for the home handyman, provides a surface that is easy to clean up.

Commercial Interior Epoxy Flooring

Northwest Specialty Painting offers epoxy flooring which can instantly change the appearance of your garage floor, all while protecting the cement floor. The color possibilities are endless, ranging from understated solid colors to custom colors, blends of color flakes; even a favorite sports team theme.  We use only the highest-quality epoxy compounds.

Northwest Painting Specialty will provide you with outstanding results that not only beautify your home, garage, or public space, but increase the home’s value, and projects a beautiful new, fresh, prosperous image.

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