Painted Porch and Railing

It's Been a Privilege to Work With Great People!

Kara Currey

I appreciate Kenneth and his team they have painted numerous times for me. Recently just painted a rental interior and made it look brand new. They are professional, honest and do excellent work I would highly recommend them.

Sharla Phelps

From the first contact with Kenneth for a quote to the actual day painting was finished, I received personal care and attention from each individual I encountered. Kenneth and Nikki are easy to work with and can be relied upon to provide the information and care necessary to take care of my beautiful home. Tom and his crew were friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding of my perfectionistic quirks. Thank you for helping our home with its much-needed transformation.

Nyssa School District

The Nyssa School District has done business with Northwest Specialty Painting, owned by Kenneth and Nikki Enders of Nyssa, Oregon for the past few years. We have been very happy with their work and hope to continue using their services provided by them in the future.

Vince Perez, Maintenance Supervisor

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Commercial NW Property Management

We have found Northwest Specialty Painting LLC to be responsive, reliable, timely, and on budget. I would recommend Northwest Specialty Painting LLC to anyone who wants a high-quality paint job done at a good value and a company that stands behind its work.

Greg Davis, CFO, Commercial Northwest

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Cindy Smith

Last week the exterior of the house was painted.  I really struggled with painting the brick, but in the end, it was just so worn out looking I decided to go ahead and do it.  I also sweated the yellow color.  But, I'm really happy with how it all turned out...much brighter and cleaner looking!

From This...

Brick Home - Unpainted
Brick Home - Unpainted

To This...

Brick Home - Painted
Brick Home - Painted
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