Offering More Than Just a Paint Job

Northwest Specialty Painting offers more than a Residential Exterior paint job. Before one drop of paint is applied to your home, we prep the surface:

  • We evaluate each job, identify any deferred maintenance items, such as loose or warped siding, damaged wood, and perform repairs as needed.
  • We caulk and seal where needed, not only ensuring a beautiful paint job, but also increasing the insulation factor of the home, and in many cases, preventing damage that, left unaddressed, could be costly.
  • Address any deferred maintenance at this stage ensures the durability and beauty of the paint job.
  • Then steam clean and pressure wash the exterior because new paint needs a clean base in order to adhere and last.
  • THEN, we apply primer where needed and then paint to your Residential Exterior, using a three-step process that will ensure the durability of the paint on your home.

To complete the transformation of your home, we can restain or repaint your home's fence, railing, porch, and deck, providing your Residential Exterior with not only a new look, but also the total beautification of your home, and an increase in the value with a fresh, new, prosperous look.

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